Not to be confused with Wrimo.

A WriMo, or Writing Month, is a month-long period in which one or many writers set a word count goal, typically 50,000 words, and attempt to reach this goal at all costs.

List of WriMosEdit

The most famous of these WriMos is NaNoWriMo, although other people have organized similar events inspired by it. They include JaNoWriMo, FebNoWriMo, MarNoWriMo*, ApNoWriMo*, MayNoWriMo*, JuNoWriMo*, JulNoWriMo and AugNoWriMo (also known as Camp NaNoWriMo ), SepNoWriMo*, OctNoWriMo, and DecNoWriMo.

* I have never heard of someone actually doing this, but it could undoubtedly be done.Edit

Related Types of EventsEdit

The scriptwriting version of this event is called a Script Frenzy, and has traditionally taken place in the month of April.