The hot cocoa cup of DOOOOOM!

The Great Wipe is an event, occurring every NaNo year in October, in which the moderators of the Young Writers' Program reset the site to make room for the enormous influx of traffic that NaNoWriMo brings.

What Actually HappensEdit

Site data that is deleted:

  • Forum threads
  • Novel information and statistics

Site data that remains:

  • Private messages
  • Author information and user settings
  • Writing buddies

Usually if the Office of Letters and Light changes something about the site (like a switch in font or a new feature), it happens during the wipe. All of this also happens in a similar way to the NaNoWriMo adult site at the same time.

During the wipe, the website is down and inaccessible for a few hours. Anyone who tries to get on NaNo encounters the hot chocolate cup of doom, which is a special OLL error message that can also be seen during other times of the year when there is an actual error.

Forum Life during the WipeEdit

In most cases, there are many NaNoers on the day of the wipe awaiting the hot chocolate that will essentially mark the beginning of the NaNoWriMo season. When they see it, they either obsessively check the site every few minutes to see if things are back to normal or leave to go do something else. The Wipe Chatzy is usually running during this time, so expect to see a lot of caps lock and obsessive page refreshing being discussed over there.

Soon afterward, the site is up and running again. Official sticky posts line the edges of the oddly empty forum pages, but before long everything is back to normal.

2014: The Year The Wipe Didn't Come (And Then Kind Of Did)Edit

In the first week of October (the 5th or 6th, time zone issues) the Wipe came in 2014. All NaNoers had been waiting for it for a week and a half before the great Wipe came. When it did, no one was totally sure it did. Only posts that had been inactive since August were deleted. Anything that was still active still existed, thus causing some confusion.

There are those who like the 'New Wipe' and others who don't. It has been dubbed The Year The Wipe Didn't Come (And Then Kind Of Did).

However, there were Pro-Traditional Wipe and Pro-Current Wipe people, who have dubbed themselves as such, have been borderline debating about such a wipe that has wrecked havoc on the forums of NaNo YWP. The Pro-Traditional Wipe NaNo-ers have started a Revolution. Pro-Current Wipe people have mistaken such a revolution as a true revolution to overturn OLL and the mods, but sadly, they are incorrect (correct).

The Pro-Current Wipe people were the right ones, by the way.