The Sword of Silk and SteelEdit

The Sword of Silk and Steel is the novel written by MOHE in 2011. It is the story of a girl named Aelyn of Sezafell. The story starts when the girl is ten years old, and she finds a book that shares a name with the title of the novel. It is a book of epic poetry about the sword of silk and steel. She reads this book, and cherishes it for years to come. Seven years later, she is presented to the Court of Sadaran. She becomes a lady in waiting to the Princess Regent, and while in service, the regents are murdered, the castle falls down around their ears, and the little king drowns in the harbor. Aelyn leaves the castle during the political turmoil, intending to make her way to her home fief, Sezafell. But on the way, she meets a young man named Calister of Kelforsh. He also knows the story of the Sword of Silk and Steel. He suggests that, together, they set out to find the sword of silk and steel. They look in ancient ruins, where they meet a few prophecying people, in caves, on an island, and probably a few other places too. They return at last to the place they first met, empty-handed. Cal proposes to Ally and, after returning to the capitol, Aelyn gets coronated as the first queen of the Sword dynasty. She is later married to Calister, and they have five children. The story ends, as this is a memoir, with Aelyn writing these words with her dying strength, of the way she put the country to its right, as the Sword of Silk and Steel. The ending text says this, in the words of the eldest son of Aelyn, formerly King Neniel of Sadaran: Mother died at the ripe old age of Seventy-Two, after watching us, her little chicks, grow up strong and well. She died happily, smiling as if in slumber. My fondest memory of her was when, on my coronation day, she gave me a copy of The Sword of Silk and Steel. I have seceded in my own right, two years ago, to my daughter. She will carry on the legacy of the Sword of Silk and Steel, as well as the dynasty that Mother started. I hope the whole family reads this story of my mother, which I discovered, telling the tale of the Sword of Silk and Steel. -From the journal of Neniel, king of Sadaran