Soccerdog8 has been a NaNoer since October 2011. You see him mainly on Recess, Roleplaying, and Social Groups forums. Most people refer to him as Sock or Link. He is a fan of the Warriors book series, the Legend of Zelda video games, and of course, loves reading and writing. But you knew that, didn't you?

Sock made Just be yourself on the Roleplaying forums, and the more or less popular forum game, Can you type this setence with your eyes closed.

He now has a new account, HylianHero.


Sock joined on October 7th, 2011 after he discovered the YWP. He was very silent on the forums, except for a few forum games. After some time, he decided to join The Insane Asylum, and has been on there ever since. He, at one point or another, joined Decree. That was the point where Bean decided to call him Sock. The name has stuck ever since. He then became more and more active on the forums..

NaNo 2011Edit

Sock came up with an idea, a very crazy idea, of a story of a dog with a special ability and his friends, journeying to the so-called "Dog Star". He got around a thousand words on the first few days, but got distracted. He did not reach his goal.

Pre-NaNo 2012 on the ForumsEdit

Sock stayed on through December and part of January, then was inactive for a few months, then came back for a day or two, and became inactive again. In about August, Sock returned to NaNo, going back to his regular playing around on the Forums with the other NaNoers that are on year-round. In October, he enjoyed seeing new NaNoers and seeing the NaNoers that are only on around NaNo.

NaNo 2012Edit

On the first day, Sock went with his strategy of starting, as he says, "Pens blazing". He was annoyed by the Hot Chocolate of Doom, but kept on writing anyway.

Sock reached his NaNo 2012 goal, but never continued on with the book, since he could not come up with a good way to drive the plot forward.  He instead began the idea for a new story in December.

Post-NaNo 2012Edit

Sock is still very active on the forums, and plans to stay active year-round this year, and has still been very active in Roleplaying, and has also been active in Games and Silliness playing Count to Ten(Or higher) Before the Mods get here, otherwise known as Count to Ten or CTT, and the other various games on the forum.  He also was called Link because of the Link-esque personality he showed, his slight resemblence of Link, and his love of the Legend of Zelda video games.  Mostly love of Zelda games.