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Scipt Frenzy was the companion program to NaNoWriMo. It had its own forums and everything on separate adults' and children's sites. However, the Office of Letters and Light shut down Script Frenzy in 2012 due to lack of funding.

It was a month-long celebration of all things Hollywood in which the writer attempted to write 100 pages of script for a play, film, comic, television show, or anything else in the month of April. (As with NaNoWriMo YWP, on the Script Frenzy YWP writers could set their own goals.) It coincided with the Christian holiday Easter and the Jewish holiday Passover as well as many school holidays, making it more convenient than NaNo in some respects (especially for those living in Britain, who have no holidays whatsoever in November).

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It was an official holiday on the NaNoYear calender.

Someone who competed in Script Frenzy was called a Screnzier.