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One of her recent artworks, based on a video she loves.

RavenWingsFly was previously totallystargirl. She has been NaNoing since 2011, when her mom told her about it. This year (2012) will be her third year noveling.

Since she's awesome and not going to tell you her name, she is a teenager and lives somewhere in California, United States of America.

Raven is a complete Otaku and her recent obessions are Hetalia:Axis Powers, Ib (RPG game) and Vocaloid. She cosplays and you can see her cosplay as Kanji (though now she goes by RavenWingsFly there too) at ViveVitamPro Cosplay (look them up on YouTube and Deviant art)

As for her personal life- Raven is not going to tell you much about that. She is the oldest of six kids (AURRGH) and is never home alone. She doesnt have a boyfriend (she thinks she's too young and is probably right.) But has a billion friends who derp and do dorky and sometimes stupid things with her. (Like force her into a random shopping cart that was at the park and push her down the hill...aaah good times)

If you want to talk to her just contact her via NaNoWriMo or one of the links below!



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HowCouldYouForget copy

another one of her works