Bismuth, our official element


Our flag

QUILTBAG is a group for queer people and people in support of queer people (straight supporters are known to the 'Badgers as "clouds"). They are discreet when they need to be.


The QUILTBAG thread has many members, some frequent visitors, some infrequent visitors, and some honoraries. They include but are not limited to the following people:


The word QUILTBAG has led many to believe that the thread is for quilters. In fact, it is an acronym, a longer version of LGBT. Each letter stands for a term that certain members of the queer community identify with.

Q: queer or questioning

U: undecided or unisex

I: intersex

L: lesbian

T: transgender

B: bisexual

A: asexual, aromantic, or agender

G: gay or genderqueer

Pretty much the only acronym longer and sillier than QUILTBAG is QUILTBAGPIPES, which is said to have come from the adult NaNoWriMo site, but also appears on sites such as tumblr. It is like QUILTBAG, but includes a few extra letters that stand for extra things. Unfortunately, the QUILTBAG thread members have a hard time keeping track of them all.

P: pansexual or polysexual

I: intersex again

P: polyamorous

E: Everyone else

S: straight or supporter

The word Quiltbadger, a modified form of the previous term QUILTBAG-er, came into use not long ago. It means a queer person or a member of the QUILTBAG thread. The term Quiltbadger was suggested in the road trip roleplay by Zhahli, and the 'd' was accounted for by Pinto, the 'd' standing for demisexual.


Aside from discussing queer culture, fandoms (especially, in the words of Nevillegirl, "our incessant quoting of All Men of Genius"), and other strange things, the Quiltbadgers have started a number of fun projects.

Once, a Quiltbadger tried to compile a book of LGBTQ* short stories, titled Rainbow Snog. Most of the QUILTBAG thread members wrote stories for it. Whether it will ever be published is uncertain.

Another time, everyone became suddenly obsessed with Steampunk and there came to be a QUILTBAG steampunk blog called Yesterday's Waistcoated Pirates . (Its initials happened to be the same as those of the NaNoWriMo Young Writers' Program.)

In the roleplay forum, the Quiltbadgers once pretended to go on a long road trip together.

Rainbow Banners

Many, though not all, Quiltbadgers wear thin rainbow-colored banners that go in their signatures underneath their main, larger sig pictures. They usually say things like "pride" or "supporter of the rainbow" this means that they support LGBTQIA people or fit into one of those categories themselves.