Pencils to Paper is a longtime social group of NaNoers revolving around Ariana Rose's Night of Write events. Pencils to Paper is a year round writing group. It was previously held on a Chatzy chatroom ( and is now on Discord ( Its members have also talked on the NaNoWriMo forums as well. The members are all interested in writing, and many motivational prompts and writing inspiration are given. It is not only a place for writing, but a place for the members to vent and talk about anything and everything.

(official description)

"Pencils to Paper is a year round writing group that the Night of Writes, Day of Writes, WriShares, 365k/365 Day Challenge, NaNoTraMo/National Novel Training Month (October), FAWMers (February Album Writing Month), WriDaNoJuers, and the NaNoers all call home. PtP does many writing activities and challenges together.

Pencils to Paper is a great place to get the motivation to keep writing your novel when you plummet in inspiration, or to get the extra boost you need to get started or figure out where to go next. The chat is always willing to give writing advice, opinions, or work to help you get through any writing problems you have! They are a welcoming group that does many writing activities together and offers each other support in all writing endeavors during NaNo and throughout the year."

Members of PTP talk about noveling year round. Many participate in the following:


-YWP NaNoWriMo

-365k365day Challenge

-Camp NaNoWriMo


Pencils To Paper's website is located at . Their tumblr blog is .