The NaNoYear is precisely the same length as a regular year.

Official EventsEdit

  • The NaNoYear starts on October 1st, when the Wipe has officially ended. (This is similar to the U.S. Military's fiscal year, which has been the subject of some jokes.)
  • The NaNoYear does not have regular holidays, but instead celebrates strange holidays such as NaNoWriMo, a month-long celebration of insanity, and the Wipe, which is the NaNo equivalent of New Years, in which we prepare for the coming year of writing.
  • Script Frenzy used to be celebrated in April by some NaNoers who were also Screnziers.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo is the NaNoYear's equivalent of summer. Children spend their out-of-school time by writing as quickly as they possibly can.

Additional Holidays of NoteEdit

NaNoers celebrate many odd holidays that are not part of the official NaNo Year. Here are some holidays that no NaNoer should forget:

  • The fifth of every even-numbered month-- Optional Come-As-Your-Character Day
  • 8/13-- International Left-Handers' Day
  • 8/18-- Bad Poetry Day
  • 9/22-- Hobbit Day
  • 10/31-- Halloween, or NaNo's Eve