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KestEd in MMD, by Stella


KestEd, or EdxKestrel, is a crossover pairing that originated in Character Conversation. It involves Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (Controlled by Stella the Hedgehog), and Kestrel, one of Fantasy_Writer's novel characters. One of the funny things about the pairing is that, despite the fact that Ed is almost 2 years older than Kestrel, he's really short, while Kessy's really tall.


KestEd originated, as mentioned before, in Character Conversation. Kestrel and Ed started out as semi-enemies, often trying to annoy each other in whatever way possible. However, they never really hated each other; but they did often argue and annoy each other, coming up with nicknames such as "Edlet" (Which has stuck as a nickname for Ed to this day) and "Kessy-Wessy". Around thread #50, they got into a fight when Ed discovered that Kestrel didn't know what elements were due to living in a world that hadn't even discovered gravity, and he called her world dumb. This resulted in a large fight with lots of yelling at each other. (Meanwhile, people poked Al with a stick.) Then, due to some psychic intereference on the part of the authors, Ed decided to teach Kestrel about elements. While he was teaching her, Todd (Who was a little kid at the time, or something like that) attacked her with a NERF gun and sword. She got angry and kicked him in the stomache. Todd, hurt and upset, cried and called Kestrel a bully. She felt guilty, and had a meltdown. Ed awkwardly tried to comfort her, sort of, and Kestrel ended up hugging Ed. It was then that the two of them realized they didn't hate each other. Stella jokingly said "And thus began KestEd, the strangest pairing Ed has been in since EdxScar."

Around this time, the room turned into a boat. Ed, being a genius like that, climbed the mast and then fell off and vanished. It was determined that he was at a mermaid castle and required rescuing. This really had nothing to do with KestEd at the time, but it would later.

Soon after, the authors (Especially Stella and Fanta) began shipping Ed and Kestrel, partly because it was cute, partly to annoy them. Kestrel, still unsure of her feelings about Ed, came up with a plan to stop KestEd by insulting him and proving she doesn't like him. It didn't work, though. So she and Ed came up with the idea of pretending to be a couple, then "breaking up" so everyone would stop pairing them. At one point, Kessy kissed Ed, but, since she was tired and on a sugar high from drinking a great deal of Gatorade, that doesn't count. They later went into the kitchen to talk about it, and ranted a lot and destroyed half the kitchen and made death threats to the authors. Then they had a giggle fit due to lack of sleep and made poor Al think they had both gone insane.