flying_chipmunk is, contrary to what eir name might lead you to believe, not a chipmunk, nor has ey been blessed with the gift of aerial maneuvers. In fact, ey is rather afraid of heights, making the moniker all the more ironic.

Other names that you may hear em referred to as include Professor, Ace, and Micha.

Ey has been on the YWP in one account or another since 2008, and intends to stay on the site until eir graduation in May of 2015

Ey often lurks in the QUILTBAG and Dr Who threads, and is likely to talk to you about Dr Who, Star Wars, the works of Tolkien, Pacific Rim, biology, and dinosaurs.

Ey really likes dinosaurs.

Friendly Page GraffitiEdit

Certain people (read: the majority of people who have ever met em) think ey is very cool...

Ey is the nerdiest nerd ever to nerd, and is very very cute and sweet and lovely all-round.