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ElizabethLeeW (usually referred to as Willow) is a user on YWP and the adult Nano, under the username willowpelt. Willow's favorite word to use is fabulous, as it describes her perfectly.

History on NanoEdit

ElizabethLeeW first joined Nano when she knew little about writing, and her writing was admittedly rather horrid. She spent quite a lot of time on the forums, mostly RP ing. Unfortunately, her computer HATED Nano, and she had to retire from it for some time. When she returned, it took her quite awhile to get her sealegs back. When she did, she experimented with forum RPing, before deciding it wasn't for her. Now she spends most of her time on the QUILTBAG thread, and the Recess forum.


ElizabethLeeW is happily nanomarried to her hobbit wife, nevillefrodo (nevillegirl ), under the name elizabethsam. She is happily in a platonic relationship with thay, otherwise known as thayanora . They share the couple name thaylow. (Sometimes referred to as thaylohe, when including Mo, known as MOHE on YWP.)

Friendly Page Graffitii Edit

Willow is a great person and very lovable and inspiring :) Everyone loves Willow, and if they don't, they're wrong.