Echosoft has been a NaNoer since 2011, when he wrote a cruddy.... NaNo failiure text thingy. He became known for using scare tactics in his siggie shop, Echosoft's Super Shop.

He has 2 dogs, one is a dachshund and the other is a Shih Tzu.

He is also known as Echo, because it's been found that he likes that better than just being called by his username.

Echo is mostly found at his natural habitat (lol) at the Recess forums and is also seen in Art Class. But sometimes, he thinks about looking to see if there are any fun threads at the Roleplaying forum.

Ever since he used scare tactics in his siggie shop, the shop has been very empty and doesn't have much time left before being given up on because of a lack of artwork to make, as he wants to make some but won't likely get to anytime soon. Okay, who really cares about the lame shop? He also likes to speak in random different languages using Google Translate every now and then...

Also, This NaNoYear, Echo may lose his NaNoer title if he cannot (A: Get at least 25 posts this NaNoYear and (B: Write his novel.