Eccentrickid95 is a NaNoer. He is currently a member of The Chatboat, Best Forum Topic Ever, and The Insane Asylum.

Early InsanityEdit

Kid, as he is colloquially referred to, first started NaNoWriMo in 2009. He bummed around and stalked for a while, but eventually found a place within The Chatboat. There he met several other insane persons, with whom he developed a close bond.


Kid has not started any major threads, but was a contributor to The NaNoNewsletter for several months. However, he was forced to stop because of scheduling conflict.

He moonlights as a "sometimes" article writer as of Volume 9 Edition 5 (March 5, 2011), writing an article entitled "Kid's Korner".


Kid likes the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tumblr, Candy Crush, community theatre and Doctor Who. 


Kid likes to casually edit whilst drinking out of his ever-present TARDIS mug. He writes mainly comedic and weird fiction, the kind that makes you wonder why you even talk to him. 

Political BeliefsEdit

Kid likes giraffes.