Character Conversation

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Roleplay (Ongoing chatplay)

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??? (A long time ago in a forum far, far away)

Regular members:

RachelRose, Stella the Hedgehog, TsbasaSakura, CandyPenguin, Silv, Fantasy_Writer

Character Conversation, also known as Charrie Convo, is an ongoing chatplay in which characters and authors interact with each other. The results are chaotic, awesome, and very, very amusing.


RachelRose: Joined at thread #1. Nicknames: Rae Rae, Rache, Rachel

Silv: Joined at thread #2. Nicknames: Silvy, Silvie, Silver.

TsbasaSakura: Joined at thread #1. Nicknames: Cherry, Cherry-sensei, Tsubasa, Sakura, Wings

Fantasy_Writer: Joined at thread #4. Nicknames: Fanta, FW, Mae

Stella the Hedgehog: Joined at thread #4? Nicknames: Stella, Stelella, StellaA, StellaP

CandyPenguin: Joined at thread #6? Nicknames: Candy

Faolane: Joined at thread #1? Nicknames: Fao

Emm: Joined at thread #? Nicknames: Emmsicle, M

FairyTaleArista: Joined at thread #27 Nicknames: Arista

Charrie Convo members are known to be very friendly, and quite random and insane, often spontaniously breaking into song or randomly talking about something completely off-subject (JACKALOPES), and frequently talk about Charrie Convo outside the RP.


Charrie Convo is one of NaNo's oldest ongoing threads and certainly one of the oldest RPs, going back over a year. The first thread was created in Recess by Oliviapig, then the second one was created in RPs by TsabasaSakura. The second thread mysteriously vanished (Possibly in the '10 Great Wipe), and the earliest thread in the RPs is #3.

(This page needs more info! Stella doesn't remember much and is too lazy to go re-read all the old threads, so please add what you know! ((I'm looking at you, Silv, Fanta and Rae Rae xD)