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MLP: FiM, Minecraft, Homestuck, Neopets, fanfiction


butterflies, insults

Catglove is a fairly new user who goes by the name Kat or Cat. She is a fan of MLP, Homestuck, and Neopet, and roleplaying. She hasn't actually finished a novel yet. If she accidentally offends you she will immediately apologize and cry many tears.

She is a supporter of all religions, cultures, and sexual orientations. She believes that she is straight, but considering her only proof is that she has a crush on a male fictional character, she could be something else.


Kat is currently active in the roleplay Focus on Freedom, where she roleplays a character named Kathleen. Kathleen has a very messed up past, with both parents dead or missing and her brother stabbed to death. As a result, she has flashbacks.


Kat's Neopet username is catglove. She has been playing Neopets since she was seven, and it helped her develop as a writer. She has had a story published in the e-newspaper, The Neopian Times, and several poems.