CAKETHECAT (Master of GIFs, Writer of horrible plot lines, Full-time Troll and Psychopath) is neither a cat nor a cake, but a regular Californian who just seems to be touched with a bit of insanity. Born to a couple of wizards, Cake is probably the least popular and infamous among the Nanowrimo YWP community.

In the back of a carEdit

cakethecat (otherwise known as Master of GIF's) has done almost virtually zero contributions to the world of Nanowrimo, other then trolling people and putting random pictures into posts that don't relate to the topic at hand. Known mostly around the young writers website, Cake has not finished any of the novels that she has created/stolen. Although supposedly nice at times, don't let that fool you. Cake has been known to have pedophillic tendencies and bouts of cursing and swearing. She enjoys NyQuil and sweet pastries.

I want. To poop here. Whenever I want.Edit

As stated before, Cake has never contributed anything to the site. Other than GIFs and Tumblr pictures, she hasn't written or finished a novel and never completed her word count goal. Unlike the old wise veterans of Nano and the nice sweet newcomers, Cake just appeared all of a sudden like a fart in the wind. Somehow the community of YWP has accepted her Cake wishes to marry lemonadesummers one day with a drive-thru wedding. And she/he/it wishes to marry Summer-Snow because Cake wants to be related to everyone on the site. Neither has happened yet, but Cake eventually settled to marry Evam (or EZforever) instead. She's quite happy with that.

Have a question? Don't ask Cake because she is unreliable.